10 basic Japanese verbs you need to know

Learn 10 basic Japaneese online

Goi: Lesson 1

Goi (verb) is an essential part of a language. Without the proper implementation of the verb, a sentence doesn’t make sense. Without further delay, let’s start from the very basics of Japanese verbs and learn Japanese.

The ますform is the primary form of the verb that we will start with and start making sentences using the format from the previous sentence pattern lesson.

Let’s look at a list of verbs in the ますform first.

たべます tabemasuTo eat
のみますnomimasuTo drink
**きますkimasu  **To wear/ to come  
あいますaimasu  To meet
いきますikimasu  To go  
かいますkaimasu  To buy
ねますnemasuTo sleep
しますshimasuTo do
みますmimasuTo see
ききますkikimasuTo hear

**きます has two meanings if written in hiragana but these two きます has different kanjis to represent them. To come –来ます. To wear-着ます

Now that we know some verbs, let’s look at how they can sit in a sentence.

Mr. Tanka will come.


Tanaka san wa kimasu.

The baby sleeps.


Akachan wa nemasu.

I watch TV.


Watashi wa terebi wo mimasu.

These are some common patterns to use a verb in the primary stage. Subject > Particle > Verb ますform.

In the last example, the particle をis being used, it is used to specify the object. No need to get confused. We will look at it in more detail in our next lesson.

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