Learn about counting in Japanese – suffixes and pronounciation

Let’s learn Japanese numbers

Learn Japanese numbers online
Learn Japanese numbers online

In Japanese counting, the numbers 4 and 7 have two reading.

4 read as yon/shi.

7 read as nana/shichi

Countings is something important and unavoidable as we use it literally everywhere we go from the groceries to the bank, everywhere.

Depending on the object you’re counting, you need to add different suffixes after the number. Counting the day of the months has a totally different reading as well, we will discuss that separately in another lesson. Apart from that, the common ones are listed down below-

SuffixUsed to countException
nin (人)Person (sannin-3 people)1 (hitori), 2 (futari)
tsu (つ)3D objects/ objects with no specific shapes (nanatsu for 7 books) **the reading for this one almost similar to that of dates**1(hitotsu) 2 (futatsu) 3(mitsu) 4(yotsu) 5(itsutsu)
hon (本)Long round objects (nihon for 2 glass)3 (sanbon)
Kai (階)Floor of a building (nikai for 1st floor)1 (ikkai) 3 (sangai) 10 (jukkai/jikkai)
ji (時)Time (ju-ichi ji for 11o’ clock) 

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