“Student-Centered” Philosophy /「生徒中心主義」

What do I need to do to fulfill the hopes of the students in front of me?
This is where all the actions of our staff come from.

“Student-Centered” is the principle of our company.

And this policy of putting each student at the center of everything we do is also applied to each of the people we work with.

We is supported by people of different nationalities, with different experiences and talents.
The “I”_ values and dreams of each person come together to form “We,” an organization that is unique and connected through solid relationships of trust.

We look forward to welcoming new members to our team and growing into a company that shines with new values and perspectives.


「Student Centered(生徒中心主義)」それがWeのプリンシプル。

“I”_ひとりひとりの価値観や夢の集まりが “We”となり、個性的で強い信頼関係でつながる組織体となります。


CS [Customer and Coach Success]

Key responsibilities

  • 生徒のカリキュラム設計、カウンセリング、上達管理
  • 生徒とコーチのブリッジ役
  • コーチとともに特性を活かしたクラスやセミナー企画

Marketing and Promotion Manager

Key responsibilities

  • Develop, implement strategic marketing plans such as the blog, social media, email, or lead generating campaigns and events.
  • Growth-driven site design. Improve the website to be the hub of all sales and marketing activity.
  • Manage paid advertising.
  • Collaborate with other internal teams (e.g., education and sales) to develop and monitor strategic marketing actions read more

General Manager

Key responsibilities

You will be responsible for the management of one school. Increase profits while improving quality, student satisfaction, and employee satisfaction. Create a unique and trusting team of people with different nationalities, experiences, and talents. We will create a school that will be a stage for both students and employees to “Change and Grow” as your work.

The focus is not on the language but the students.

“We” is a language school, so we are an appropriate workplace for people interested in languages.

However, we are looking for people who are more interested in each student than the language itself.

We place more importance on the “know-who” ability to understand and empathize with each student than on the “know-how” of teaching a language.

We are the school customizing the language to the student’s needs and desires, rather than the student adapting to the language in the textbook.

We empower students to utilize their true personalities and talents.
To help students transcend language barriers and become “language free.”
To expand their “connections.”
To help them feel a sense of “progress” and a stronger sense of “presence” in their society.

We is the “Language Solution Company” to remove the barriers that students face.
That is our business.

If you have language skills, why don’t you use your abilities to benefit people’s progress?
The reality of helping someone else will make you feel happy.
We is full of such opportunities.
If you want to continue to improve your abilities while growing as a person through your work, we is the place for you!