We Japanese Language School Philosophy

■Central Philosophy

– Our Know-How is to Know Who


“Expand the Global Culture and Enhance the Local Cultures”

We believe that language is culture. While coaching English as the global language, we also want to value the local languages that exist around the world. We want to contribute to creating a world where people around the world respect and understand each other’s differences and value the various indigenous cultures that exist in the world.


“Creating the world’s one and only language school”

Our philosophy is founded upon student-centered learning. We thoroughly seek to understand the students before us. We provide them with the most necessary content and the most efficient and impressive lessons. We will continue to train our people and develop our systems to achieve this.

■10 Core Values

– Be Odd
– Be Real
– Be Honest
– Be Open-minded
– Be Adventurous
– Be Resourceful
– Be Consistent
– Be Authentic
– Be Humble
– Be Happy

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