We Japanese Language School Outline

Company NameWe Incorporated
Location2-24-12 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Shibuya Scramble Square 37F Tokyo Japan 150-0002
Phone Number+81-050-5490-2495
CEOKoji Taruishi
Business Outline
■ Online language School (Japanese, English, Chinese, etc.)
■ Corporate language and intercultural training
■ Language educational materials, APP/software development
■ Translation and language design service
■ Consultation and support for international and intercultural projects

We Japanese Language School Mission Statement

■Central Philosophy

– Our Know-How is to Know Who


“Expand the Global Culture and Enhance the Local Cultures.”

We believe that language is culture. While expanding English as a global language, we also want to value the local languages worldwide. We want to contribute to creating a world where people around the world respect and understand each other’s differences and value the various indigenous cultures that exist in the world.


At We Languages, we embody the spirit of “WA”(和) – the symbiotic mindset inherent in the Japanese language. Understanding the heart of the Japanese people is the key to deepening language comprehension and cultural awareness.

Our guiding principle is “Omoiyari,” reflected in the Japanese vowel “a-i-u-e-o” (あいうえお). We aim to share this principle globally, shaping it into a code of conduct for our team.

A(あ)Aite ni Yorisou (相手に寄り添う)Engage with others attentively and empathetically.
I(い)Itawaru (労わる)Treat others thoughtfully and compassionately.
U(う)Uyamau (敬う)Respect and courtesy to people, nature, and all aspects of life.
E(え)Enryo (遠慮)Strive for modesty, nurture humility, and maintain a humble stance.
O(お)Omotenasu (おもてなす)Extend caring and hospitable hands to all individuals and facets of our world.


“Creating the world’s one and only language school.”

Our philosophy is founded upon student-centered learning. We thoroughly seek to understand the students before us. We provide them with the most necessary content and the most efficient and impressive lessons. We will continue to train our people and develop our systems to achieve this.

■10 Core Values

– Be Odd
– Be Real
– Be Honest
– Be Open-minded
– Be Adventurous
– Be Resourceful
– Be Consistent
– Be Authentic
– Be Humble
– Be Happy

We Japanese Language School History

April 1996Opened school in Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo.
January 2001A computerized progress management system launched
December 2001A total renovation of the Shibuya School
December 2004Inter FM “Better English with Catherine” program started.
January 2009Launched “Welife,” a cloud service for student class management
April 2017Online Japanese Course
October 2018Hiragana Times Inc. becomes a subsidiary
April 2020All language lesson services to go fully online