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Experience elite online Japanese language learning to master your “JapaNEEDS”.

Language Tailored to You

We offer ‘JapaNEEDS,’ a tailored learning approach catering to your unique needs and aspirations. Unlike traditional language schools focusing on grammar, we ensure personal relevance in your learning, connecting it to your interests and supplementing instruction with English explanations for optimal efficiency.

Our approach transcends language instruction, focusing on your goals and identifying effective strategies for a supportive and rewarding learning journey.

Discover “JAPANese” to deepen your understanding of Japanese culture and perspectives.

Language: More Than Just a Tool

Immerse yourself in ‘JAPANese‘ with ‘We Languages.’ We affirm that “Language is intertwined with culture, and culture serves as the underpinning of any language.”

Much like installing incompatible software causes glitches in an operating system, learning a language without immersing in its culture may lead to misunderstandings.

To truly grasp Japanese, one must delve into the rich culture that has shaped its evolution. Japanese is a language steeped in a deeply rooted and vibrant culture.

As part of our commitment to holistic language education, We Languages offers an array of cultural sessions designed to deepen your understanding and appreciation of Japanese culture.

Dive into the heart of Japanese tradition and customs while mastering the language with us today. Experience the We Languages difference!

Say goodbye to uncertainty and inefficiency and confidently embark on a language-learning adventure.

Let our Concierge Save You Time and Energy.

Typical online language schools emphasize the convenience of student-teacher pairing.

At first glance, this seems to make sense. However, it often ends up being idealistic.

Finding the right coach is like playing the lottery. And even if you find a coach who is a good fit, it is often unsustainable because the student must adapt to the coach’s circumstances.

Continuity is the key to mastering a language, just as it is in sports. To achieve this, having a concierge partner who can advise you on your study plan and act as a bridge between you and your coaches is essential.

At We, we value the concierge as we do on the coach. You will have your counselor, who knows about you, build a customized learning plan and a build coaching team for you. We constantly navigate you to the shortest and most comfortable journey.

Develop your core language

The Language Diamond

Transform your language learning experience with ‘We Languages‘, a premier online Japanese language school that redefines traditional methods. We adopt a student-centered strategy, moving beyond the confines of the standard ‘four skills’ approach—speaking, listening, reading, and writing—often leading to monotonous pattern practices. Our lessons consistently focus on content that’s both personally relevant and meaningful, allowing for the organic integration of essential language skills into your learning process. Choose ‘We Languages‘ to experience a purposeful, engaging, and superior learning journey that sets us apart from our competitors.

Maximizing Results for Every Minute

The WWW Approach

Maximize your language learning investment with ‘We Languages‘, a leading online Japanese language school that prioritizes your progress.

Our lessons are strategically designed around the ‘WWW Method,’ ensuring every minute you spend leads to real growth.

Each session begins with a ‘Warm-Up,’ activating your language OS and prepping you for the learning journey.

The ‘Work-Up‘ phase aids in comprehension and practice of the content, ensuring clear learning outcomes.

The session concludes with a ‘Wrap-Up,’ where we celebrate your achievements, boosting your confidence and motivation.

Choose ‘We Languages‘ to experience this unique, results-driven approach that sets us apart in the world of online Japanese language education.

Read more about the “WWW Method” in our blog.

Immerse Yourself in Culture and Engage in Authentic Environments

We Culture Sessions

Experience the richness of Japanese culture while mastering the language with ‘We Languages’, a premier online Japanese language school.

We proudly introduce ‘We Culture Sessions’ that utilize the bilingual (English-Japanese) monthly magazine, ‘Hiragana Times,’ to offer a comprehensive learning experience.

This acclaimed publication brings Japanese art, culture, and current affairs to global readers, enhancing your understanding of real-life Japanese. Our culture sessions allow you to move beyond rote memorization, engaging you in active learning that fosters long-term retention and involves thinking and feeling from cultural perspectives. These sessions feature our expert coaches and Japanese students from We English School, creating a dynamic and authentic learning environment. Explore the depths of the Japanese language in an immersive setting, developing new insights and knowledge with ‘We Languages.’

Hiragana Times, Our Content Partner

Immerse yourself in an authentic Japanese learning experience with ‘We Languages, a leading online Japanese language school, in partnership with ‘Hiragana Times.’ This unique bilingual magazine facilitates your exploration of Japan while enhancing your language skills. Each Japanese paragraph is accompanied by an English translation, and each kanji is annotated with furigana, ensuring a smooth and effortless learning process. Audio content, professionally narrated in both English and Japanese, provides an easy-listening experience. At ‘We Languages,’ we utilize ‘Hiragana Times‘ to its full potential, providing you with a deep dive into the Japanese language and culture, setting us apart from other online language schools.

Making “Student-Centered” a Reality: Team, Content, and Platform

Team, Content, and Platform

Experience true ‘Student-Centered‘ learning at ‘We Languages‘, your premier online Japanese language school. We actualize this approach through our dedicated ‘We Team,’ ‘We Content,’ and ‘We Platform.’

Our ‘We Team‘ comprises coaches and staff skilled in delivering personalized lessons while appreciating the cultural nuances of the Japanese language.

We Content‘ is specifically tailored to cater to diverse student needs, offering an in-depth exploration of various aspects of Japanese culture.

With ‘We Platform,’ you gain the power to personalize your course, ensuring a genuinely bespoke learning journey.

Choose ‘We Languages‘ and experience the superior quality of our online Japanese language education that sets us apart from the rest.

Assess Your Knowledge of Japan

J-CLUE [JAPANese Culture and Language Understanding Evaluation]

Enhance your understanding of the Japanese language and culture with our ‘J-CLUE’ (JAPANese Culture and Language Understanding Evaluation) at ‘We Languages’.

Our exclusive assessment tool, J-CLUE, gauges your current knowledge of the Japanese language, culture, and societal nuances relevant to living and working in Japan.

It’s a valuable asset for companies seeking to assess their employees’ acumen. By taking the J-CLUE test before commencing your Japanese language studies, you can tailor your learning journey for maximum efficiency and impactful results.

Discover a more effective path to mastering Japanese with ‘We Languages’, the Japanese online school setting the bar for quality education.

Try the sample test: Questions are divided into five sections. In total, there are 100 questions (20 for each section)

Evaluation 5kyu / 50correct answers~ 4kyu / 60correct answers~ 3kyu / 70correct answers~ 2kyu / 80correct answers 1kyu / 90correct answers ~