Student-Centered Learning at We

Our passionate coaches and staff work with the utmost attention to the students in order to tailor our programs to meet their needs and help them achieve their dreams and goals. Our unchanging, “Student-Centered” philosophy is at the heart of our school and realized through We’s Contents and We’s Environment.

We will continue to evolve, and aim for self improvement along with you.

Providing tailor-made Japanese lesson plans to each and every client

Everyone’s goals and needs are different. Just as all of us have different nationalities, languages, goals, motivations, values, occupations, and lifestyles, lesson plans should also be diverse to meet the specific needs. At We Japanese Language School, our Japanese Student Partners work closely with clients to determine their individual goals and design a tailor-made lesson plan.
Every aspect of our lessons is customizable to suit the unique needs of every client. Read more

Lessons meaningful for you.

Since our founding in 1996, we have been focusing on a “student-centered” principle, which is to create our lessons focused on the students individually. Thus we have developed various systems and contents with this focus. For example, “Metrix.” This is a system where you can organize your values and interests, which will be applied to your language lessons to help your coaches make lessons more relevant and personal to you. Feel free to explore our “student-centered principles” with free counseling and trial lessons.

Coaches over teachers.

We Coaches…

  • are experts in the fields of conversation, business, and test preparation.
  • can provide explanations concisely and clearly in English if needed.
  • have received training in the ‘W.W.W. Method,’ which is an original coaching methodology developed by ‘We.’
  • understand the needs of English-speakers. believe that teaching Japanese is their lifework.
  • are passionate and serious about their students’ progress.
  • who coach Business Conversation class, have extensive business experiences. See We Coaches

The counselors are equally as important as the coaches

Before you enroll, a Student Counselor will provide a counseling session to learn about your needs and goals so they can customize a study plan that is right for you. We believe that the quickest path to improving your Japanese is for the students, the instructors, and the Student Partners to share the same short-term and long-term visions. To this end, the Student Partners will work closely with the instructor and provide study counseling every three months so you can keep track of your progress.

Inhanced language learning.

Traditional language schools have tendencies to only concentrate on practicing four skills (speaking, listening, reading, and writing). Therefore, often emphasizing the importance of structure and grammar. Though emphasizing these factors tends to bore many and fundamentally limits the learning and expression of a language. At We, there are other factors we focus on: ‘Facts,’ being able to internalize and state facts; ‘Values,’ to be able to relate to oneself and one’s values; ‘Opinions,’ the ability to express your opinions; and ‘Sentiments,’ to be able to input one’s sentiments through dialogue. These are the other core aspects of language learning that We value.

To guarantee improvement, our lessons follow the 3 ‘W’s.

Delivering results for every minute of your investment.

Our goal at We Japanese Language School is to deliver results every single lesson. To ensure that every minute of your investment results in tangible improvements, all of our lessons are structured around three “W”s. Every lesson begins with the “Warm Up” phase in which we fine-tune our clients’ “emotion”, “mind” and “senses” to Japanese-mode and prepare them for improvement. In the next phase, “Work Up”, we help our clients understand and practice in order to ensure progress. In the last phase, “Wrap Up”, we assist our clients to review their achievements so that it leads to increased confidence and motivation. The “WWW Method” is designed to convert every minute of your investment into results.

JAPANese [Cultural Awareness]

You cannot be a real master of a language if you believe that “a language is just a tool.” Words build the foundation of culture and thoughts and nurture them. Language shapes how we perceive the world. For example, a native-born Japanese living in Japan will perceive their thoughts and feelings, in Japanese, fundamentally being shaped by their language. That is why when learning a language, one must consider the culture behind it to get a better understanding, thus being able to express the language better and find a newfound appreciation for it. Aim to learn a new language so that you can also see the world from another perspective.

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