We pursue real language education

“JapaNEEDS” to support your needs and desire.

Language as it relates to you

Traditional Japanese language schools focus on teaching grammar and you will go through the content that has nothing to do with you.

If the content is not connected to you, you will soon get bored and demotivated. In addition, In most Japanese language schools, only use Japanese while they teach.

At we, you will learn Japanese in a way that is relevant to you, and we will also provide you with explanations in English to make your lessons more efficient.

We always look beyond language to the student’s goals and suitable strategies to be the best support.

“JAPANese” to help your knowledge of Japanese culture and perspectives.

Language is NOT just a tool.

We cannot be absolute masters of a language if we believe that “a language is just a tool.” That mindset will keep us from true language acquisition.

If our language learning is only about copying the surface, such as grammar and phrases, then translation software is sufficient.

We believe that the cultural background is the “OS*” of the language. (*operating system) We think that solidifying this “OS” within ourselves and making it the foundation of the language will produce independent learners along with sustainable progress.

We provide language educational services to our valued customers to ensure that their Japanese language OS is always upgraded.

Develop your core language

The Language Diamond

Traditional language schools mainly concentrate on practicing four skills (speaking, listening, reading, and writing). This always leads to dull and repetitive “pattern practices.” We must say that this is due to the instructor’s lack of ability and negligence.

We follow a student-centered process at all times. Always pivot content relevant to the student as their core language. By doing so, the necessary “four skills” will naturally follow.

Delivering results for every minute

WWW Approach

To ensure that every minute of your investment results in tangible improvements, all of our lessons are structured around three “W”s.

Warm-Up: Every lesson begins with fine-tuning to lesson mode, booting the OS, and preparing for improvement.

Work Up: We help our clients understand and practice to ensure and get to clear outcomes.

Wrap Up: We help our clients to see the results, which leads to increased confidence and motivation.

The “WWW Method” is designed to convert every minute of your investment into results.
Read more about “WWW Method” in our blog.

Deepening knowledge of the culture and diving into a realistic environment

We Culture Sessions

In the We Culture Session, the monthly magazine Hiragana Times will be used in the session to learn not only Japanese but also Japan. Hiragana Times is a monthly bilingual (English-Japanese) magazine that introduces Japanese art and culture to the world.

By using this monthly magazine, you can learn practical, real-life, current Japanese. This active learning, which is not superficial rote memorization, but rather thinking and feeling from cultural and other aspects, leads to long-term memory.

In this session, not only regular coaches but also Japanese students of We English School will participate.

You can develop new knowledge and perspectives while using the Japanese language in a more realistic environment.

Hiragana Times, our content partner

Hiragana Times is a truly unique magazine in which you can study the language while learning about Japan. Each Japanese paragraph is followed by its English translation or vice versa, and furigana are placed below each kanji to make Japanese study even easier. Audio is also recorded in easy-listening English and Japanese by professional narrators. We Languages utilize Hiragana Times to guide you to the genuine Japanese language and culture.

Elements that make “student-centered” a reality

Team, Content and Platform

Student-centered is more than just a concept. We have been creating We Team“, “We Content” and “We Platform” to make student-centered lessons a reality and constantly improve quality.

We Team” (coach and staff) with the mindset and skills to deliver student-centered lessons with high awareness of the cultural background of the language.

We Contents” meet the needs and interests of diverse students and broadly covers all aspects of Japanese culture.

We Platform” where the students can design personalized courses that cover their needs and interests.

Scan your knowledge of Japan

J-CLUE [JAPANese Culture and Language Understanding Evaluation]

J-CLUE will scan you and reveal what you know and don’t know about the Japanese language, people, and country.

The content of the evaluation is directly related to working and living in Japan, so it is also used by companies for employee assessment.

By taking the test before you start learning Japanese, you can achieve an efficient learning process.

Try the sample test: Questions are divided into five sections. In total, there are 100 questions (20 for each section)

Evaluation 5kyu / 50correct answers~ 4kyu / 60correct answers~ 3kyu / 70correct answers~ 2kyu / 80correct answers 1kyu / 90correct answers ~