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Strengths of We’s Japanese language training:

  • Customized training content tailored to each company, with evaluation criteria determined by the company itself.
  • A dedicated portal site exclusively for students, ensuring convenience and encouraging continuous learning, ultimately leading to better training results.
  • A monitoring site for company representatives, allowing them to easily check the training progress and status of their employees at any time.

For Embassy, legations, and consulates

We are a Designated School for Tax Exemption for Foreign Establishments in Japan.

Tax Exemption Card is available at all services of We, Inc.

We offer customized language training for companies and industries.

◆ Sample Training Plan


We, the contents of Japanese language training, can be customized to focus on particular topics and aspects to make the most out of the training. The following are some examples of customized content for particular companies/ industries:

  • Customer Service and Hospitality: Focus on language skills and expressions used in the service industry, including hotels, restaurants, and retail establishments, as well as cultural insights to provide exceptional service to Japanese customers.
  • Manufacturing and Engineering: Emphasize technical vocabulary and jargon used in the manufacturing and engineering sectors, as well as communication skills for working with Japanese engineers, technicians, and suppliers.
  • Medical and Healthcare: Tailor content to include medical terminology, patient communication, and understanding Japanese healthcare systems and practices.
  • IT and Technology: Concentrate on language skills related to software development, programming, and technology, along with effective communication strategies for working with Japanese clients and colleagues in the tech industry.
  • Finance and Banking: Focus on financial vocabulary, business etiquette, and understanding Japanese banking and finance systems.
  • Legal and Compliance: Cover language skills and terminology used in legal and regulatory contexts, as well as understanding Japanese laws and regulations relevant to specific industries.
  • Import and Export: Teach language skills and expressions for import and export operations, including negotiations, contract terms, and cultural insights for dealing with Japanese suppliers and customers.
  • Human Resources: Address language skills necessary for HR professionals, including recruitment, employee relations, and understanding Japanese labor laws and practices.
  • Marketing and Advertising: Emphasize language skills, expressions, and cultural insights for creating effective marketing campaigns and advertisements targeted at the Japanese market.
  • Tourism and Travel: Focus on language skills and cultural understanding specific to the travel and tourism industry, including destination knowledge, customer service, and addressing the needs of Japanese travelers.

These are just a few examples of customized content for specific industries or companies. We Languages can further tailor the training to meet the unique requirements and goals of each organization.

Access to our unique portal for each employee

At We Languages, we understand the importance of flexibility and convenience in language learning, especially for busy professionals. That’s why we offer an easy reservation system for both group lessons and personal lessons, allowing students to schedule lessons according to their availability.

After every lesson, whether it’s a group lesson or a personal one, our instructors will carefully document the results and provide comments in our unique lesson record format. This allows students to review their progress, strengths, and areas for improvement easily and quickly, right from the comfort of their own homes.

By offering this level of flexibility and personalized feedback, We Languages aims to create an effective and enjoyable learning environment for all our students, helping them achieve their language goals and adapt to their new language and culture more smoothly.


Exclusive portal site to track progress

At We Languages, we understand the importance of tracking and managing the progress of our corporate clients’ employees. That’s why we have developed an exclusive portal site called “Welife” specifically for companies to monitor and manage their employees’ progress in Japanese language training.

Through Welife, employees, HR personnel, and Japanese language training staff can collectively keep track of various progress indicators, such as attendance, lesson records, and overall achievements. After each lesson, students can effectively review the lesson record provided by their instructor, ensuring a continuous learning process.

HR personnel and Japanese language training staff can also access this platform at any time to monitor employees’ progress and achievements in their Japanese language lessons. This level of transparency and ease of access enables companies to better evaluate the return on investment (ROI) of their language training programs and make informed decisions about their employees’ development.

With Welife, We Languages is committed to providing a comprehensive and efficient platform for companies to manage their Japanese language training programs, ensuring that their employees receive the best possible support and resources to succeed in their language learning journey.


Uniquely designed criteria for profiency

Companies that require Japanese language training are active within different industries that face different situations in which Japanese is required. Therefore, it is not possible to set one standard for Japanese proficiency for all companies at once. At We, the ideal way in which to speak Japanese for the company specifically is how proficiency is defined. We will evaluate students’ Japanese ability improvement according to the training purpose of the company.


Student performance is evaluated and reported

In the evaluation session, we will evaluate the individual growth results from the start of the course in 12 items in 3 areas according to the We language theory Language Diamond, and visualize the Japanese language training. In addition, we will prepare a report of the entire training and report the results of the students’ efforts.

Language SkillsLanguage ElementsLanguage Core
[1] Speaking[5] Pronunciation[9] Opinions
[2] Writing[6] Flow[10] Sentiments
[3] Listening[7] Grammar[11]Facts
[4] Reading[8] Vocabulary[12]Value
We Japanese Language School Evaluation

Achievements / case studies of Japanese language training

Purpose of training: To eliminate the anxiety of in-house meetings and communication, and aim to improve the Japanese ability in daily life (survival Japanese, communication with colleagues, etc.).
Course format: Group lessons
Number of people: 5 students in each class x 10 classes
Schedule: Once a week, 85 minutes per lesson for 4 months
Purpose of training: To be able to hear and understand the client’s requests and opinions. Being able to do as much work as possible without requiring outside help with Japanese.
Course format: Private lessons
Number of people: 100
Schedule: Free booking, 40 minutes per lesson for 150 lessons
Purpose of training: Understand the content of meetings, etc… Learn how to state opinions. To be able to use different terms inside and outside the company, and to acquire corporate culture and Japanese culture as knowledge.
Course format: Private lessons (for executives)
Number of people: 4
Schedule: 1-2 times per week, 60 minutes per 1 lesson for 2 years

In addition, we have many achievements already achieved with various clients.

For Embassy, legations, and consulates

We are a Designated School for Tax Exemption for Foreign Establishments in Japan. We are a designated school for tax exemption for foreign establishments in Japan since 2012. Tax Exemption Card is available at all services of We, Inc.

Our Clients


In addition to Japanese language training, We are in charge of training for many government offices including embassies.

For inquiries and consultations

We will propose a customized plan that suits your company.