Practice Japanese for a month with our professional Japanese language coaches completely free of charge.

You will receive 4 online group sessions based on your Japanese level, interests, and any other preferences!

The sessions offer not only language learning but also a deeper understanding of culture, customs, lifestyle, and many different aspects of Japanese culture.

Our professional coaches have designed interesting courses which deliver our unique learning concept and introduce Japanese used in real-life scenarios while learning about the topics that interest you.

[Aprilo. 2022] This Month’s Crash Courses

Japan Now Series

“Let’s learn Japanese with Hiragana Times”

Special Japanese language sessions through the bilingual monthly magazine Hiragana Times. You can learn Japanese while understanding today’s Japan.

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  • [Japan Now] Beginner Class (first 5 arrivals)
  • [Japan Now] Intermediate Class (first 5 arrivals)
  • [Japan Now] Advanced Class (first 3 arrivals)

How does it work?

  • Submit your application by filling in the questionnaire below 
  • Our customer success member will contact you within 1 business day 
  • We will help find a group lesson that matches your Japanese level and share access to our online portal, My Classroom 
  • Start your Nihongo journey at We Languages for free!

Answer the questions below to receive an e-mail invitation to arrange your course and receive a free copy of the latest Hiragana Times magazine.

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Program Line Up

Language Skills

  • One-Word Communication
  • Aha! Experiences 
  • From Scratch Course
  • Chat like Nihonjin
  • Mini-Debate Session

Proffesional Skills

  • Talk about Japanese Economy and Politics
  • Communicate with Colleagues
  • Prepare for Job Interview
  • Presentations
  • Industry Terminology

Mastering Culture

  • The secret of Healthy Japanese food
  • Sake Tasting Session
  • Anime Discovery Channel
  • Japanese Traditional Performing Arts
  • Listen and Sing Japanese Songs

Academic Talk

  • Talk about Japanese History
  • Talk about Japanese Economy and Politics
  • Talk about Literature
  • Talk about Nature and Geography
  • Talk about Arts

Test Preparation

  • How to Hack JLPT N5
  • How to Hack JLPT N4
  • How to Hack JLPT N3
  • How to Hack JLPT N2
  • How to Hack JLPT N1

Japan Now

  • New Expressions & Buzzwords
  • Close up Japan
  • This Month’s Hiragana Times [Beginner]
  • This Month’s Hiragana Times [Intermediate]
  • This Month’s Hiragana Times [Advanced]

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Japanese Learning at We

We speak English!

For maximum understanding

Traditionally Japanese language schools use only Japanese during the teaching process. It is believed that this way you will catch language naturally and you can learn just like a child. However, child and adult cognitive functions are very different, adults will understand grammar and vocabulary through English much faster. You also can freely clarify all doubts and receive more additional information. That’s why all our coaches speak English fluently!

Language for You

Learn a language strongly related to yourself.

We all have different nationalities, languages, goals, values, occupations, and lifestyles, so lesson plans should also be different for everyone!
Rather than having outdated repetitive textbook learning, our Japanese language lessons are customized for each student to provide lessons that are based on your needs.

Culture Awareness

Learn the culture behind it to unlock the new perspective.

At We Languages our coaches also teach you about a culture by talking about recent events and happenings in and around Japan or the world.
To truly understand and appreciate language, you must know the culture and its perspectives. A newfound appreciation of the language is the outcome of this cultural context.

Unique “WWW Method”

Delivering results for every minute of your investment

We aim to deliver results in every lesson. Lessons are structured around the three W’s.

Warm Up

First, the ‘Warm Up‘, go into “Japanese-mode” to absorb as much information as possible during the class.

Work Up

Second we ‘Work Up‘, this phase is about helping you understand everything and helping you practice.

Wrap Up

Lastly, ‘Wrap Up‘, this phase ensures you understand the result of your class and realize your achievements. A great motivator for homework or next class.

Answer the questions below to receive an e-mail invitation to arrange your course and receive a free copy of the Hiragana Times.

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