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The Country That Loves Butterflies


Japan is one of the very few countries that has a “national buttery.” In the past, many opportunities for interacting with insects were incorporated into school education and anyone who spent their childhood in
Japan has probably had the experience of observing butteries up close, more or less.


The national butterfly, Oomurasaki, has beautiful blue-purple wings. The swallowtail butterfly is characterized by its gorgeous black and yellow pattern. These butterflies, which can be found throughout Japan, have been especially familiar to the Japanese people since ancient times.


Some say that swallowtail butterflies were revered as “tokoyo-no-kami (everlasting gods)” in ancient Japan because of the great difference between their larval form and their adult form as butterflies.


The cover painting of this issue features such a mysterious swallowtail butterfly and other pretty butterflies fluttering their wings against a blue background reminiscent of the earth. The bright, transparent screen gives the impression of the strength of life, contrary to the fragile impression it may give.

Through the bright, transparent screen, you can feel the strength of life even at just a glance.

Through the bright, transparent screen, you can feel the strength of life, contrary to its fleeting nature.


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