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鶴来 [つるぎ]

In Japan, the crane is a symbol of good fortune.


“Cranes are heavenly animals because their voices can reach far and wide.
Cranes are a symbol of marital harmony because they spend their entire lives together in pairs. They are a symbol of
longevity because they have a long lifespan among birds.” With these auspicious legends, they are used in many works of
art and ornaments, including traditional performing arts.


There are also many locations whose names are associated with cranes throughout Japan. For example, the area around
the Tsuruginomiya Shrine (today’s Kinkengu Shrine) which is said to have been founded in 95 B.C., was named tsurugi
(crane come) because the sound “tsuru” in “crane” is the same as that of the “tsuru” in the word meaning “sword.” It is also
known as a place with many legends.


A crane that dances beautifully and spreads good luck. Hero image of this time is based on the wish that cranes,
the sacred symbol will be descended and bring blessings around the world.


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