Get to know our Japanese Coaches!

At We, our instructors are called Japanese Coaches because they teach you not only the language but also the culture. After counseling, you will be paired with a We coach that matches your needs.

Academic Director and Lead Assessor

“I continuously work towards ensuring that students get the best instruction available at ‘We’.”

Mayumi Ito

Being a ‘native’ speaker does not necessarily qualify that person as a competent teacher of that language.

At We Japanese Language School, we only employ professional Japanese language instructors who possess a deep understanding of grammatical and linguistic structures as well as historical and cultural elements of the Japanese language. Our instructors have extensive teaching and life experiences and are committed to developing their skills to offer the best in Japanese language education. Our team is dedicated to providing lessons that respect your individuality and aim to equip you with the language skills you need to succeed in this increasingly global world.

‘We’ values your patronage and will support you all throughout your journey of learning Japanese, so you will be able to realize your potential. To this end, we will continue to improve our services to meet your needs and guarantee the delivery of success.

We Japanese Coaches

● Experts in Daily Conversations, Business Conversations, and Test Preparations.
● Japanese teaching qualifications.
● Trained with ‘W.W.W. Method’, our original teaching method.
● Bilingual or Multilingual
● Have taught numerous English-speakers.
● Passionate and Serious about their students’ progress.

We Coaches – Find your Match!

Yukari Iioka

Yukari Iioka has been teaching Japanese to students of all ages for over twenty-five years and has come to find fulfillment and satisfaction in this profession. She has an OPI (Oral Proficiency Interview) tester qualification in ACTFL (The American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Language). One of her strengths lies in her ability to inspire the joy of learning in students. She strives to make the acquisition of Japanese language skills an enjoyable experience and help them create a lifelong interest and affection for the language and the culture.

Kazuko Saijo

As Kazuko Saijo taught English at Japanese institutions and taught Japanese abroad for a long time, she can precisely explain the Japanese language and culture to English speakers on points they may quickly become confused. She is very competent at teaching students about Japanese business skills that she acquired in her professional career.

Yumiko Ishida

Yumiko Ishida’s lessons are always conducted with the students’ perspectives in mind. In her classes, she utilizes real-life materials relevant to each student’s life and can answer questions in a very clear, concise manner. She is also able to provide explanations in Korean.

Mikino Shibata

Mikino Shibata has over ten years of experience in teaching Japanese. She is popular with students for her close attention to detail. Even in informal conversations, she can pick up small mistakes and subtly guide you to improvement by creating a very natural and relaxed classroom atmosphere.

Kaori Ibuki

Kaori Ibuki is very familiar with traditional Japanese culture, such as Japanese classical dance and kimono, she can demonstrate them in your class. She has experience in teaching Japanese to children and adults in the U.S. She can teach Japanese by only using Japanese or with English directions and explanations as per the student’s needs. She offers flexible lessons using various teaching methods. Her specialty also includes academic writing and pronunciation.

Jotaro Yamaguchi

Jotaro Yamaguchi has extensive experience in business. He is a specialist in teaching practical Japanese for business situations and is known for his teaching skills and superb writing ability. He is also popular among students for his clear and concise explanations of grammar patterns and vocabulary. He specializes in daily conversation and business Japanese.

Ami Anzai

Ami Anzai, with her friendly atmosphere, is popular with students for her cheerful and fun lessons. Her lessons are always relaxing but mentally stimulating, and they are sure to raise your motivation no matter what sort of day you have had.

We Counselor – Knowing your Needs

Miyuki Inoue

Through working as a student partner at We Japanese Language School, I have met many great people and have learned what they need to grow in general as well as individually. I also have experience living abroad, so I can certainly feel empathy for students who are on a new journey here in Japan. From all of my experiences, I believe the most important thing for a student partner is to understand and draw out your individual needs and expectations. I’m so excited to navigate your Japanese learning experience at We Japanese Language School and I’m sure that you will make amazing discoveries while mastering Japanese!

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