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Do you want to learn Japanese language strongly related to yourself?

Just as we all have different nationalities, languages, goals, motivations, values, occupations, and lifestyles, lesson plans should also devise to meet each individual’s specific needs. We will work with you to develop a course around an or area of your interests, or we can tailor one of our pre-existing courses to fit your needs.

A flexible schedule will allow you to study at your own pace. Lessons can be reserved anytime, 24 hours/365 days.

Personal Lessons

1 on 1 with our fantastic coach and personal class for you to learn anything online

40 Mins

2 points / Lesson

Since our founding in 1996, we have been focusing on a “student-centered” approach, creating lessons focused on students’ needs and interests.  “Metrix” is a system where you can organize your values and interests, which will be applied to your language lessons to help your Japanese coaches to make lessons more relevant and personal.

Group Lessons

85 Mins

2 points / Lesson

At We Japanese Language School, our group classes can be categorized into three areas: Daily Conversation, Business Conversation, and Test Preparation. Within each of these categories, we provide a wide range of classes that helps you improve your daily conversation skills, prepare for JLPT and BJT, or acquire business conversation skills that can be immediately applied to your career.

By mixing and matching these classes we guarantee that you will find a course that is right for you.

Pre-Designed Courses

The theme of our program is to provide personalized Japanese language skills to each and every student. In one-on-one lessons, individualized content is designed and the coaches work together to conduct the lesson.
For Pre-Designed Courses, we offer a three-pillar program: Daily Conversation, ❷ Business Conversation, andTest Preparation. All programs are organized into We-Level 21. In one-on-one lessons, these programs can be further fine-tuned individually.
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❶ Japanese Daily Conversation

The Daily Conversation Course is exactly what you need to get comfortable with your life in Japan and build new connections. It will bring you from the simple skills of describing your actions and thoughts to a new level of fluency when you can vividly tell your intentions, confidently talk about Japanese history and culture and express your empathy in conversation with native Japanese.

Please check more details about each level of the Japanese Daily Conversation Courses:

❷ Japanese Business Conversation

Our Business Conversation Course is designed for business scenarios you may encounter in real life. You will be able to learn expressions that are required in business meetings, presentations, appropriate language inside and outside your company and also master practical skills, including business negotiations and business etiquette. This course will make you more comfortable conducting daily tasks and smoothen your communication with Japanese colleagues and partners.
Many companies choose us as a service provider for their language training programs.

Please check more details about each level of the Japanese Business Conversation Courses:

❸ Japanese Test Preparation

Measuring your Japanese studying progress or getting proof of your language skill fluency for studying or career change, Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) has always been the main milestone for almost every learner on their Japanese learning journey.
Taking our JLPT Test Preparation Course will allow you to master various grammar forms and vocabulary, according to the desired level, gradually making you closer to your Japanese goals.

Please check more details about each level of the Japanese Test Preparation Courses:

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