Personalized JapaNEEDS® Program

Since our founding in 1996, we have been focusing on a “student-centered” approach, creating lessons focused on students’ needs and interests. 

All of our coaches are PJC masters (Personalized JapaNEEDS Coach) and will conduct Japanese lessons in your area of interest.

A flexible schedule will allow you to study at your own pace. Lessons can be reserved anytime, 24 hours/365 days.

40 Mins (Private Lesson) / 2 points

When onboarding, your interests will be set into the system. Then your personal lessons will be arranged with coaches who share your interests.

You can also design your own learning goals using the Metrix. From casual free conversation to intensive goal-oriented lessons, you can progress at your own pace according to your plan.

80 Mins (Group Lesson) / 2 points

We offer a wide variety of group lesson programs to realize personalized education. The programs are organized into Daily Conversation, Business Conversation, and Test Preparation.

The advantage of group lessons is that you will have a stable schedule. You will enjoy meeting classmates from all over the world and receive peer pressure.

“Metrix” is a system where you can organize your values and interests, which will be applied to your language lessons to help your Japanese coaches to make lessons more relevant and personal.

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Pre-Designed Program

The Pre-Designed culturally oriented programs are composed of three pillars three-pillar program:

Daily Conversation

Business Conversation

Test Preparation

Understanding the “culture and logic (OS)” of a language can develop new values and perspectives and thus learn the language much faster.

All programs are organized into We-Level 21.

All programs are designed to be completed in the same number of lessons, whether you take them in a group or personal lessons.

● Group Lessons (3~6 students / 85 minutes per lesson).
Personal Lesson (One-on-one / 40 minutes per lesson)

Daily Conversation

The Daily Conversation Course is exactly what you need to get comfortable with your life in Japan and build new connections. It will bring you from the simple skills of describing your actions and thoughts to a new level of fluency when you can vividly tell your intentions, confidently talk about Japanese history and culture and express your empathy in conversation with native Japanese.

Please check more details about each level of the Japanese Daily Conversation Courses:

❷ Business Conversation

Our Business Conversation Course is designed for business scenarios you may encounter in real life. You will be able to learn expressions that are required in business meetings, presentations, appropriate language inside and outside your company and also master practical skills, including business negotiations and business etiquette. This course will make you more comfortable conducting daily tasks and smoothen your communication with Japanese colleagues and partners.
Many companies choose us as a service provider for their language training programs.

Please check more details about each level of the Japanese Business Conversation Courses:

Test Preparation

Measuring your Japanese studying progress or getting proof of your language skill fluency for studying or career change, the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) has always been the main milestone for almost every learner on their Japanese learning journey.
Taking our JLPT Test Preparation Course will allow you to master various grammar forms and vocabulary, according to the desired level, gradually making you closer to your Japanese goals.

Please check more details about each level of the Japanese Test Preparation Courses:

Hybrid [Online + Offline] Package

We create online and offline educational synergy to elevate your language skills effectively. You can diversify your online Japanese studying with face-to-face lessons in a high-rise building in Shibuya with a view of Tokyo. Students in other countries can connect to the class in real-time and participate with a sense of reality.

Offline lessons are available only at our Tokyo location.

Hybrid Package

Three hybrid packages

You can choose the learning journey of your preferences:
Concentrating on learning alone (“Solo”) and learning together with friends and family in a fun and cooperative environment (“Duo” or “United”).

What does Hybrid Package include?

  • 30 online lessons and 12 offline face-to-face lessons at our office at Shibuya (Group or Private lessons)
  • Validity: 12 months
  • One month subscription to Hiragana Times (can be used for self-study or as learning material in class)

Note: 12 face-to-face lessons at our Shibuya location are available for use only once a month

Hybrid Package

[Nihongo Dojo] Exclusively offer to We members free of charge

The Dojo is a series of specialized lessons designed by our native Japanese-speaking coaches at We Languages to encourage students to learn more about interesting facts and myths of Japanese culture. Each week, Dojo coaches prepare a new topic for discussion and classroom activities. By participating in Dojo lessons, students will learn about the Japanese language and truly understand and appreciate Japanese culture from its origins. This dojo is also a great place to try out new materials and teaching methods.

Some of DoJo Menu:

● Anime Discovery Channel ● Debate Session - Cats or Dogs? ● Secrets of healthy Japanese food ● Wine Tasting in Japanese ● Sharing your "Sake" in Nihongo! ● Chat like Nihonjin ● Japanese onomatopoeia ● Nihongo memory tricks ● Anime otaku talk session ● Fortune-telling, etc.

How to book a Dojo lesson?

  1. Lesson reservation can be done through our students’ portal, My Classroom, access to which will be provided upon enrollment into our school
  2. 3 Dojo points are given each month to all We members for spending it for the Dojo sessions (1 point = 1 session)
  3. Dojo points will be renewed at the beginning of each month and expired at the end of it (can not be accumulated)
  4. New time slots are added every Monday
  5. Free Dojo session seats are limited – hurry up to book it!

What to know more about Nihongo Dojo thematic Japanese classes? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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