Akusuta [New Expression and Buzzword]

Author: Natsuko Seki

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Acrylic Stand

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Keywords and Summary

Japanese WordFurigana English Word Example Sentence (Japanese & English)
透明とうめい transparent アクスタは写真やイラストを透明な板に印刷したものです。
“Akusta”(Acrylic Stand) is a transparent board on which photos and illustrations are printed.
自立じりつ stand on one’s own feet アクスタは自立するため、立てかける必要がありません。
Akusuta can stand on its own, so it doesn’t require any special support or leaning.
丈夫じょうぶ durable 自立することができ、丈夫で持ち運びが便利なため、人気があります。
It can stand on its own, is durable, and easy to carry, making it popular.
持ち歩き もちあるき carry around アクスタは人形よりも小さく、持ち歩きしやすいです。
“Akusuta” is smaller than dolls and easy to carry.

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Abbreviation for acrylic stand.


It is a transparent acrylic plate with a photo or illustration printed on it and stands on its own.


They are popular because they are sturdier than photographs and smaller than dolls, making them easy to carry around.


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