LEGO® Work on Display in the USA

Author: Natsuko Seki

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Keywords and Summary

Japanese Word Furigana English Word Example Sentence (Japanese & English)
商業施設 しょうぎょうしせつ Commercial facility 大阪市の商業施設でプロビルダーである三井淳平さんの作品を楽しむことができます。
You can enjoy the works of professional builder Junpei Mitsui at commercial facilities in Osaka City.
美術館 びじゅつかん Museum そのうちのひとつが、現在ボストン美術館で展示されています。
One of them is currently on display at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.
展示 てんじ Display 葛飾北斎の浮世絵と一緒に展示されています。
The work is exhibited along with Katsushika Hokusai’s ukiyo-e paintings.
再現 さいげん Reproduction 北斎の代表的な浮世絵を再現した作品が展示されています。
The work that reproduces one of Hokusai’s representative ukiyo-e paintings is on display.
まん Ten thousand 約5ピースのブロックで構築されています。
It is built with approximately 50,000 pieces of blocks.

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At HANKYU BRICK MUSEUM, located in Hankyu Sanbangai, a commercial facility in Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture, visitors can enjoy the works of MITSUI Jumpei, the only LEGO® certified professional builder in Japan.

大阪府大阪市の商業施設、阪急三番街内にあるHANKYU BRICK MUSEUMでは、日本でただ一人のレゴ認定プロビルダーである三井淳平さんの作品を楽しむことができます。

Japanese text for the famous Museum in Osaka City

One of them is currently on display at the “Hokusai: Inspiration and Influence” exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, USA, along with ukiyo-e paintings by KATSUSHIKA Hokusai.

現在そのうちの一つが、アメリカのボストン美術館で開催されている「Hokusai: Inspiration and Influence」展で、葛飾北斎の浮世絵と共に展示されています。

Japanese text for "Hokusai" exhibition

On display is a dynamic reproduction of Hokusaiʼs famous ukiyo-e “Kanagawa Okinamiura.”


Japanese text for the famous "Kanagawa Okinamiura"

It is approximately 128 centimeters long, 154 centimeters wide, and 60 centimeters high, with approximately 50,000 pieces of blocks.


Japanese text for the created "Kanagawa Okinamiura"

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4 months ago

Wow, I loved reading this blog post! It’s amazing to learn that LEGO certified professional builder are a thing, and the fact that MITSUI Jumpei was able to recreate Hokusai’s Kanagawa Okinamiura with over 50,000 blocks is simply mind-blowing. The amount of detail and precision that went into creating the sculpture is truly impressive. And by the way my Lego masterpiece is just a robot, I guess I am not near of ever being a Lego professional builder.

4 months ago

I love the paintings of Hokusai Katsushika. I never thought I could reproduce so much with LEGO. The quality of the waves is wonderful!

4 months ago

Lego and ukiyo-e paintings together? Mind-blowing! 

4 months ago

I’m amazed by the size of the lego creation. It must be a sight to behold!

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