Dejitaru Seppuku [New Expression and Buzzword]

Author: Natsuko Seki

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Digital Seppuku

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Japanese Word Furigana English Word Example Sentence (Japanese & English)
責任 せきにん responsibility 「デジタル切腹」はデジタル上で責任を取ることを表しています。
“Dejital Seppuku” (Digital Seppuku) represents taking responsibility in the digital realm.
削除 さくじょ delete 責任を取るために、ゲームのキャラクターやアカウントを自分で削除します。
To take responsibility, they delete their game characters or accounts themselves.
不正行為 ふせいこうい cheating あるゲームの不正行為から「デジタル切腹」が生まれました。
A practice called “Dejital Seppuku” (Digital Seppuku) emerged from a cheating incident in a certain online game.
騒動 そうどう uproar 不正行為の騒動は人気ゲームで起きました。
The uproar over cheating occurred in a popular online game.

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デジタル切腹・Dejital Seppuku

It means to take responsibility digitally.


Delete your character or account in an online game by yourself.


It was born out of the uproar over cheating that occurred in one popular game.


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Do you play online games?
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4 months ago

Digital Seppuku just deleted the account and ran away. It’s not the same as being prepared to commit true seppuku.

Reply to  Park-Tokyo
4 months ago

Why did the culture of seppuku develop in old Japan?

Reply to  We Language School
4 months ago

I see, the samurai spirit seems to embrace the choice of death over dishonor. I find it very strange considering the gentle nature of the Japanese people today.

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