Guminike-shon [New Expression and Buzzword]

Author: Natsuko Seki

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Keywords and Summary

Japanese Word Furigana English Word Example Sentence (Japanese & English)
お菓子 おかし sweets, snacks 「グミニケーション」とは、お菓子のグミを使ったコミュニケーションのことを指します。
“Guminike-shon”(Guminication) refers to using gummy candies for communication.
見た目 みため appearance 特に見た目がカラフルなグミが人気です。
Colorful gummy candies are particularly popular.
SNS映え SNSばえ social media-worthy カラフルなグミはSNS映えします。
Colorful gummy candies are social media-worthy.
人気 にんき popular 今、若い人の間で人気を集めています。
It is gaining popularity among young people nowadays.
おと sound 食べるときのも楽しまれています。
The sound when eating them is also enjoyed.

Let’s build up your reading skill


The word is a combination of gummy sweets and communication.


Colorful-looking gummies are popular among young people as they look great on social networking sites.


Many people enjoy not only the color and taste but also the sound when eating them.


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4 months ago

I absolutely love this post – it’s such a refreshing change of pace from the usual news and opinion pieces. It’s true that gummy sweets and communication share a lot in common – both are colorful, fun, and enjoyable! I can see why they’ve become so popular among young people. This article put a smile on my face – thank you for that!

4 months ago

I’ve always loved gummies, and now even more! The idea of using colorful gummies to express emotions and connect with others is so unique and creative. Who knew that something as simple as a gummy could be so powerful?!

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