Ojisan Koubun [New Expression and Buzzword]

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Syntax of the middle-aged man

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Keywords and Summary

Japanese Word Furigana English Word Example Sentence (Japanese & English)
中年男性 ちゅうねんだんせい middle-aged men おじさんは中年男性を指します。
The term “ojisan” refers to middle-aged men.
おじさん おじさん ojisan おじさんは親しげにあいさつすることが多いです。
Ojisan often greet people in a friendly manner.
若い人 わかいひと younger people おじさんは若い人に嫌われないように気を使っています。
Ojisan are careful not to be disliked by younger people.
絵文字 えもじ emojis おじさんは絵文字を多用してコミュニケーションをとります。
Ojisan use many emojis in their communication.
おばさん おばさん obasan 中年女性特有の「おばさん構文」もあります。
There is also “obasan syntax” which is particular to middle-aged women.

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This term refers to the peculiar writing style of “ojisan,” which refers to middle-aged men.


They are characterized by greetings written in a friendly manner and using many emojis to avoid being disliked by younger people.


There is also “obasan syntax” which is particular to middle-aged women.


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