Peaga [New Expression and Buzzword]

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Pair image

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Keywords and Summary

Japanese WordFurigana English Word Example Sentence (Japanese & English)
ペアぺあ pairs 今、日本で、ペアで画像を作って楽しむ人が増えています。
Today in Japan, more people enjoy creating images together in pairs.
りゃく abbreviation 「ペア画」は「ペア画像」ので使用されます。
The term “peaga” is used as an abbreviation for “peagazou”
画像がぞう image 「ペア画」には2つの画像が使われます。
“Peaga (Pair image)” refers to the use of two images.
完成 かんせい completion 2つの画像を合わせると1つの絵として完成します。
When two images are combined, they create one complete picture.
仲の良さ なかのよさ closeness, good relationship 「ペア画」は二人の仲の良さを表現する方法の一つです。
“Peaga (Pair image)” is one way to express the closeness between two people.

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Abbreviation for pair image, which refers to the photo used as one’s phone background.


When two of these phone backgrounds are put together, they are completed as one picture.


It shows how well two people get along.


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27 days ago

The idea of ‘peaga’ is simply brilliant! It blows my mind that the phone screens of my boyfriend and I create a photo of us holding hands, and I did not know that there is a a simple word to describe that.

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