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Japanese Word Furigana English Word Example Sentence (Japanese & English)
開幕 かいまく start ワールド・ベースボール・クラシックは3月8日に開幕しました。
The World Baseball Classic started on March 8th.
注目 ちゅうもく attention 大谷翔平選手に注目が集まりました。
Many eyes were on Ohtani Shohei.
二刀流 にとうりゅう two-way player 大谷選手は投手と打者の二刀流です。
Ohtani is a two-way player as a pitcher and a hitter.
成績 せいせき performance 彼は両部門でトップクラスの成績を残しています。
He is one of the best in both categories in terms of performance.
賞賛 しょうさん praise メジャーリーグコミッショナーは野球を世界的に普及したと賞賛しました。
The Major League Baseball commissioner praised him for popularizing baseball worldwide.
記録 きろく record 昨年はベーブ・ルースの100年前の二刀流記録を投打とも超えました。
Last year, he surpassed Babe Ruth’s century-old record of two-way playing in both pitching and home runs.
強豪 きょうごう powerhouse アメリカやドミニカ共和国などの強豪を破りたいです。
We want to defeat powerhouses such as the United States and the Dominican Republic.
世界一 せかいいち champion in the world 栗山英樹監督は、「目指すは、世界一」と語りました。
Coach Kuriyama Hideki said, “Our goal is to become the champion in the world.”
期待 きたい expectation 国内でWBCへの期待が高まっている。
Expectations for the WBC in Japan are high.
可能性 かのうせい possibility 今回のWBCで野球が世界的なスポーツになる可能性があります。
There is a possibility that this WBC will make baseball a global sport.

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The World Baseball Classic (WBC), a tournament which determines the baseball champion team in the world, started on March 8th; it has been attracting a lot of attention.


A record number of 20 countries and regions participated, and many eyes were on OHTANI Shohei, a member of the Japanese team.


Ohtani, a two-way player in Major League Baseball who plays both as a pitcher and a hitter, is one of the best in both categories. He is the first two-way player since Babe RUTH, the “God of Baseball.”


In 2021, he was named MVP and the Major League Baseball commissioner gave him a special award, praising him for popularizing baseball worldwide.


Last year, he surpassed Babe Ruthʼs century-old record of two-way playing in both pitching and home runs.


In addition to Ohtani, the Japanese team includes MURAKAMI Munetaka, who last year broke the record for most home runs in a season in Japanese professional baseball and became the youngest triple crown winner, and pitcher SASAKI Rouki, who pitched a perfect game.


Coach KURIYAMA Hideki who leads “Samurai Japan,” considered the strongest team in history, said, “our goal is to become the champion in the world by defeating powerhouses such as the United States and the Dominican Republic.”


One of the reasons behind the high expectations for the WBC in Japan is that baseball is the most popular sport in Japan, along with soccer, and the country has won the WBC twice.

国内でWBCへの期待が高まっている背景には、日本では野球がサッカーと並び最も人気のあるスポーツで、WBCで2度優勝して いることもあります。

This WBC could make baseball a global sport like soccer.


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