A Tour of Shrines to Collect the Seven Sacred Beads

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神社じんじゃShinto shrine京都には多くの神社がある。
There are many shrines in Kyoto.
The danger past and God forgotten.
願い事ねがいごとwish, dream, preyer, one’s desireあなたの願い事は本当にそれなの?」と小さい白いウサギが聞きました。
“Do you really wish that?” asked the little white rabbit
漫画まんがcartoon, comic, comic strip, manga僕の趣味は漫画を読む事です。
My hobby is reading comics.

Let’s build up your reading skill

The “Jyoshu Shrine Pilgrimage – Kamitama Tour” began in Gunma Prefecture in August 2022.


Articles about Shrines (part 1)

It is said that if you visit seven shrines in the prefecture and collect the sacred beads, which are believed to contain the power of the gods, your wishes will come true.


There is a special case in which the beads can be displayed, and the beads also have holes in them so that they can be worn on a string.


Articles about Shrines (part 3)

It is talked about as being like the popular manga “DRAGON BALL” because of the collection of the seven sacred beads.


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