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Personalized Tailor-Made Course

A learning matrix connecting Japanese words to personal experiences

Learn with Your Path

You will learn a language strongly related to yourself.

Just as we all have different nationalities, languages, goals, motivations, values, occupations, and lifestyles, lesson plans should also devise to meet each individual’s specific needs. At We Japanese Language School, our Japanese Student Partners work closely with clients to determine their individual goals and design a tailor-made lesson plan.

Personal Lesson

1 on 1 with our fantastic coach and personal class for you to learn anything online

40 Mins

2 points / Lesson

Since our founding in 1996, we have been focusing on a “student-centered” principle, which is to create our lessons focused on the students individually. “Metrix” is a system where you can organize your values and interests, which will be applied to your language lessons to help your coaches make lessons more relevant and personal to you. Feel free to explore our “student-centered principles” with free counseling and trial lessons.

A flexible schedule that allows you to study at your own pace. Lessons can be reserved anytime, 24 hours/365 days.

Group Lesson

With 12 and 24 classes for you to choose, based on a different frequency and duration

55 Mins

1 points / Lesson


85 Mins

2 points / Lesson

At We Japanese Language School, our group classes can be categorized into three areas: Daily Conversation, Business Conversation, and Test Preparation. Within each of these categories, we provide a wide range of classes that helps you improve your daily conversation skills, prepare for JLPT and BJT, or acquire business conversation skills that can be immediately applied to your career.

By mixing and matching these classes we guarantee that you will find courses that is right for you.

Practical Daily Japanese Package

12 Group Lessons (85 mins / L) + 12 Personal Lessons (40 mins / L)
★Lesson fee ¥98,400 (48 points)

The Daily Conversation Course is subdivided not only based on the level, but also on the linguistic and personal needs of our clients. Our Student Partners assist all clients, regardless of their goal or language level, so you will be able to choose a lesson that suits you best. Our original “WWW Method” ensures that you feel your progress after every lesson.

Intermediate Class

You will be able to …
  • Communicate using basic expressions and deal with everyday situations with little difficulty. In the process of developing a sense for the Japanese language and its unique rhythm
  • Demonstrate a relatively high level of conversational competence and utilize appropriate expressions. Can formulate sentences and connect them to express his/her opinion on certain topics. The conversation is, on the whole, natural and unstrained.

Upper-Intermediate Class

You will be able to …

  • Demonstrates an understanding of idioms, onomatopoeias, and proverbs and can express him/herself using a variety of expressions. Can communicate and exchange information with little difficulty. Can engage in basic interpreting tasks.
  • Demonstrate a balanced acquisition of the five macro skills and can swiftly and accurately express ideas. Can engage in complex business level communication in settings including business meetings and negotiation with clients.

Advanced Class

You will be able to …

  • Fully comprehend newspaper articles and process necessary information. Can interact with native speakers in complex tasks, including debates, problem-solving, and decision making
  • Have a comprehensive understanding of the Japanese language. Can utilize highly sophisticated expressions and vocabulary when speaking. Can construct flawless sentences and write academic papers. Bilingual level.

Business Japanese Package

12 Group Lessons (85 mins / L) + 12 Personal Lessons (40 mins / L)
★Lesson fee ¥98,400 (48 points)

Two people in suits talking to each other in Japanese in a business setting.

Our Business Conversation Course is designed for real-life scenarios and guarantees the delivery of results through the “WWW Method”. You will be able to learn expressions that are required in business meetings corporate functions and presentations, and also master practical skills, including Email writing, business negotiations and business etiquette. Many companies choose us as a service provider for their language training programs.

Intermediate Class

You will be able to …

The Intermediate Class aims to expand learners’ repertoire by focusing on more advanced grammar patterns and expressions. Upon completion of this class, you will be able to engage in more complex topics and express yourself in your own words. In addition, by focusing on specific situations inside and outside the company, you will systematically learn about the concepts of “in-group” and “out-group”, which are fundamental to the Japanese language.

Advanced Class

You will be able to …

The Advanced Class aims to develop skills that will allow learners to take the initiative in conversations and facilitate smooth communication in a business setting. The curriculum is comprised of important expressions that are utilized across different business fields. This class focuses not only on verbal communication but also on developing learners’ ability to engage effectively with business tasks using all of the information that is available.

Test Preparation Package

12 Group Lessons (85 mins / L) + 20 Personal Lessons (40 mins / L)
★Lesson fee ¥124,800 (64 points)

Regardless of whether you want to convert the Japanese language skill you have acquired into tangible qualifications, to effectively improve your Japanese by utilizing tests as yard-sticks for measuring your progress, or to utilize tests to maintain your motivation, tests are invaluable not only for your careers, but also in your language learning process. At We Japanese Language School, you can take advantage of the opportunities afforded by tests to improve your Japanese.

JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test)

Preparation classes are available at all levels of the JLPT to cater to the diverse needs of clients, regardless of whether you have just started learning Japanese or whether you are contemplating changing jobs in Japan.

BJT (Business Japanese Proficiency Test)

The BJT tests learners’ Japanese communication skills in a business setting. In addition to assessing learners’ conversation skills, it also tests their ability to engage in tasks by comprehending information presented in the form of Emails, tables, graphs, and photographs.

● Acquisition of test-taking skills
● Area-specific classes
● Administration of mock exams

Basic JapaNEEDS Package
(powered by Super-J Coach Association)

Special Personal lesson 80 minutes per lesson
[Part 1] 15 Personal Lessons (¥75,000)
[Part 2 + 3] 15 Personal Lessons (¥75,000)

Japanese kanji on a blackboard drawn with white chalk

[Super-J® Coach Association Authorized Method ]

The purpose of this course is for beginners to acquire the ability to handle an everyday conversation in Japanese, using a method that is not only fun but also efficient. It’s true. There are many things to remember and understand when learning Japanese. And many ordinary schools teach Japanese grammar first.

Learners at that kind of school always have to work hard to memorize some words, paying attention to the correct grammatical rules at the same time.

It is not easy for beginners to learn long sentences.

But don’t worry about the grammar. Japanese grammar is more flexible than you would think. If you know many words, you can communicate in Japanese and convey your intentions.

  • We believe the most important task for mastering a language is memorizing vocabulary.
  • You will master more than 1,000 basic words for daily life conversation in this course.

You’ll start to communicate in Japanese using single words, then learn how to make sentences, before moving onto writing Japanese scripts.

Super-J® learning method has three features.
  • Utilization of our scientifically-based memory magic learning method (MAMA)
  • Making associations with knowledge and ideas from English that have been incorporated into Japanese.
  • Learning about the Japanese perspectives and culture reflected in the language.

The MAMA method is essential for all lessons in the course. Let’s see how it works.

[Part 1]
OneWord Communication

  1. Memory Magic Skill Master (5 lessons)
    ・Learning the structure of the alphabetic script (Glomaji) and the theory of the MAMA method.
    ・Mastering words for “destination”, “shopping”, “eating out”, “numeral reading”, “the different unit systems”, and the related information.
  2. Target Words (10 lessons)
    ・Mastering visible and invisible words (products/counting/dates/times/ colors/shapes/sizes/weather/direction/position)
    ・Mastering human relation action words (family/relative/friends/explanatory words/question words)

[Part 2]
Sentence Communication

  • Sentence Building (3 lessons) *Making sentences, combining words you have learned.
    ・The casual expression “nani kore?” (What’s this?) forms the basis of all sentences.
    ・Applying this theory to other sentence patterns.
    ・Expressions that make conversation run more smoothly.
  • Situational Conversation (6 lessons)
    ・Survival conversation (traveling to a destination, getting on a train, and eating out).
    ・Everyday conversation (settling in, shopping, and traveling).

[Part 3]
Overall Communication

  • Script Starter (4 lessons)
    ・Memorizing phonetic scripts (hiragana and katakana) with our unique method
    ・Taking a new approach to the study of kanji (ideographic script) structures.
  • Japanese Culture (2 lessons)
    ・History, geography, society, Japanese perspectives, and customs.

Kanji Mastering Course

15 Personal Lessons (40 mins / L)
★Lesson fee ¥61,500 (30 points)

You will learn Japanese business culture along with business terms including Keigo(respectful expressions), and improve your discussion and presentation skills. You will be able to master kanji quickly with our shape learning method as well as writing skills. (Start from February 2021)

Kanji Mastering

  1. The Structure of Kanji and How to Study It
  2. Kanji is Formed Only of Lines and Dots
  3. Kanji Formed From a Katakana Base
  4. Kanji Made of Katakana Combinations
  5. Kanji Components Placed on the Top
  6. Kanji Components Placed on the Left etc.

Japanese Culture Lovers Courses

15 Personal Lessons (40 mins / L)
★Lesson fee ¥61,500 (30 points)

15 Group Lessons (55 mins / L)
★Lesson fee ¥30,750 (15 points)

You can gain some insight into Japan and learn about Japanese perspectives by reading and discussing our interesting cultural texts. Improving your debating skills

Japan Watching [Real Life in Japan]

Through comical essays cover topics as diverse as food, transportation, shopping, events and customs, you will be able to find out more about common situations that arise in everyday life. In this series, you can also learn not only vocabulary and phrases used in daily life in Japan, but also discover more about Japanese society and the Japanese way of thinking.

Japanese History Makers

110 figures from different fields who had a significant impact on Japanese history from ancient times to the present day. Through these people, you will deepen your understanding of Japanese society and culture, as well as of Japanese perspectives and values. At the same time, you can learn a wide variety of vocabulary and expressions.

We deliver you real language skills and fundamentals.

The Language Diamond

We Language Structure

Language Skills

Output:■ Speaking
■ Listening
Input: ■ Reading
■ Writing

Language Elements

Text:■ Vocabulary
■ Grammar
Sound:■ Pronunciation
■ Flow

Language Core

Expressing:■ Opinions
■ Sentiments
Reasoning:■ Facts
■ Values

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Lesson Method

Achieve your ‘goal of the day’ every lesson

To guarantee improvement, our lessons follow the 3 ‘W’s.

First, to prepare for progress, we make sure students ‘Warm Up’ so they can get their mind, heart, and feel ready to study Japanese. In the next phase ‘Work Up’; students learn, practice, and make progress. Lastly we ‘Wrap Up’, in this phase we review the day’s progress with the students so they can be more confident, motivated, and retain the progress made. The ‘WWW Method’ is structured so that every minute of your study will contribute to your success.

We Evaluate Your Japanese Understanding through J-CLUE

J-CLUE (JAPANese Culture & Language Understanding Evaluation)
You can develop and enrich your common knowledge of Japanese culture through a wide range of questions about Japan.

Questions are divided into five sections. In total, there are 100 questions (20 for each section)

  • Language & People [言語・日本人]
  • Everyday Life [日常生活]
  • Culture & Society [文化・社会]
  • Economy & Politics [政治・経済]
  • Geography &History [地理・歴史]

Questions are written in four different scripts: Glomaji(Global Romaji), hiragana, katakana, and the standard script that includes kanji. This will reflect your current Japanese Understanding. It will act as an important certificate when searching for future employment. Even if you cannot answer some of the questions, you can still learn some new Japanese knowledge and fun-facts.

Try the sample test
(20 questions per section)

Your answers will be evaluated and once it is completed, we will share your score with you.

Evaluation 5kyu / 50correct answers~ 4kyu / 60correct answers~ 3kyu / 70correct answers~ 2kyu / 80correct answers 1kyu / 90correct answers ~

We Nihongo Dojo

You can practice your Japanese free of charge at our Online Nihongo Dojo.

The Dojo offers bilingual sessions completely free of charge. A Japanese native speaker (our coaches) will be provided to discuss Japanese culture and language skills with you. Coaches here are those who are eager to conduct lessons by sharing and enjoying cultural experiences. This dojo is a great place for those who have a high level of self-development by trying new materials or teaching methods. Since the dojo provides “practice” sessions, some coaches might not be full-fledged yet, but this is a great opportunity to meet potential new coaches for free while gaining new knowledge.

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