Boost your life in Japan – Special event with Blink smart workspace

Learn Japanese Unconventionally!

June 11th | 19:00 – 21:00 JST | Online/Offline

Tired of being an outsider in Japan? Already know that language is the key but, struggle to master it? Join our live session and discussion which will drive you towards your next step!

June 11th coach Rie Yamana will introduce you to essential manners, phrases and vocabulary which will make you feel as confident as local in common daily and business situations. Meet peers who think alike and experience the same struggles you do. Discuss with them and our expert coaches how to overcome these difficulties.

A maximum of 20 people is allowed in-person at the event due to COVID-19 restrictions.
But do not worry, there is plenty of space if you get a free online ticket!

About Blink Smart workspace

Blink Community is an international coworking space focusing on offering a workspace that provides the most effective resources while connecting professionals to assist in creating new business opportunities.

We thrive in order to carry out our mission, which is to bring everyone together, and create a place where people are “Happy to come on Monday”

Read more about Blink:

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