We Japanese language Online Dojo

Practice Japanese with our professional Japanese language coaches and Japanese students from our sister institution, We English School.

The sessions offer not only language learning but also a deeper understanding of culture, customs, lifestyle, and many different aspects of Japanese culture.

Our professional coaches h

[June. 2022] This Month’s Crash Courses

“Let’s learn Japanese with Hiragana Times.”

Special Japanese sessions through the bilingual monthly magazine Hiragana Times. You can learn Japanese while understanding today’s Japan.

<First-come-first-served basis>
  • [Japan Now] Beginner Class (first five arrivals)
  • [Japan Now] Intermediate Class (first five arrivals)
  • [Japan Now] Advanced Class (first three arrivals)
You can learn about japanese language and culture at We Languages and Hiragana Times Magazine

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6 months ago

I want to learn Japanese please guide me

Ashar Sattar
Ashar Sattar
6 months ago

I want to learn Japanese please guide me about that