Personalized Point Packages


Utilizing your points, you can design your original Japanese course by combining the classes you need.

To get started, simply select the number of Points you wish to purchase.
Upon confirmation of your purchase, our expert counselors will assist you in designing a course that best suits your needs and goals.

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Personal Lesson

40 Mins / Lesson [2 points for each lesson]

Group Lesson

80 Mins / Lesson [2 points for each lesson]

  • Daily Conversation < Beginner/ Upper-beginner/ Intermediate/ Upper-intermediate/ Advanced >
  • Business conversation < Intermediate/ Upper-intermediate/ Advanced >
  • Test preparation < N5/ N4/ N3/ N2/ N1 >
  • Culture Sessions < Stylish Japanese Dishes, Anime Discovery, Sake Tasting, etc. >

*The requisites points for group lessons may change depending on the type of lesson*

What does Custom Program Package include?

How does it work?

Now, choose your plan and start your Nihongo journey today!

Here is an example of how you can plan your lessons.

100 points package example

For your business purpose, you may take:

  • 24 lessons of Business Conversation intermediate <Group lesson>
  • 6 lessons of JLPT N2 <Group lesson>
  • 20 personalized lessons <Private lesson>
  • 3 free Nihongo Dojo thematic sessions every month !

For your daily life in Japan, you may take:

  • 16 lessons of Daily Conversation beginner <Group lesson>
  • 6 lessons of Stylish Japanese Dishes of Thematic sessions<group lesson>
  • 28 personalized lessons <Private lesson>
  • 3 free Nihongo Dojo thematic sessions every month!


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