Daily Conversation [Beginner]


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Each level of the Daily Conversation [Beginner] can be completed in 16 lessons. (32 points).

  • Personal Lesson
    40 Mins / Lesson [2 points]
  • Group Lesson
    85 Mins / Lesson [2 points]

Level 1

Starting with simple greetings and introduction in Japanese you will gradually learn the essentials of communication in repeating daily situations. You will be able to establish connections with native Japanese speakers and communicate on basic things.

  • Building a relationship with the first person
  • Talking and asking about plans
  • Invite people to join. Accepting an invitation or refusing it well

Level 2

From learning adjectives you will master describing things and events, express your opinion or preferences. In other words, you will learn how to support conversation related to your daily needs.

  • Talk and listen about events
  • Expressing what you like and what you want to do
  • Conversation in supermarkets, restaurants, and convenience stores

Level 3

Get to know the crucial te-form, which will be used intensively even on higher levels of your Japanese language journey. You will be able to understand and communicate instructions.

  • Asking for and suggesting things to do
  • Exchanging information about daily life and familiar topics
  • Talk about experiences and to get and give information

Level 4

You will master your conversation skills in a new situations, like asking and giving directions on street, you will become more familiar with conjugations and will be able to give more complicated descriptions.

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