Daily Conversation [Intermediate Courses]


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– Intermediate Package (24 lessons / US$720)
– Level 9 (6 lessons / US$180)
– Level 10 (6 lessons / US$180)
– Level 11 (6 lessons / US$180)
– Level 12 (6 lessons / US$180)

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Each level of the Daily Conversation [Intermediate Courses] can be completed in 6 lessons (12 points).

Level 9

  • Create a rhythm in human relations
  • To be able to give typical examples and explain the causes and reasons in an orderly manner

Level 10

  • Understand each other and deepen friendships
  • Explain using materials such as tables and graphs, to talk about one’s own ideas, and to listen to the ideas of others

Level 11

  • Build and solidify relationships
  • State facts about a topic using longer sentences and more formal expressions

Level 12

  • Expressing “honest feelings”
  • Express one’s own thoughts and feelings on familiar topics

Level 13

  • Verbalize feelings of joy, anger, sorrow, and sadness
  • Verbalize feelings of joy, anger, sorrow, and sadness

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Intermediate Package, Level 10, Level 11, Level 12, Level 13, Level 9


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