Daily Conversation [Upper Beginner Courses]


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Each level of the Daily Conversation [Upper Beginner Courses] can be completed in 16 lessons (32 points).

  • Personal Lesson
    40 Mins / Lesson [2 points]
  • Group Lesson
    85 Mins / Lesson [2 points]

Level 5

  • Natural conversation using spoken language
  • Explain the situation, make requests, and apologize
  • Dealing with and explaining preparations

Level 6

  • Talking about goals and plans for the future
  • Explaining how things should be done and in what order
  • Ask for and give advice on a variety of topics and matters

Level 7

  • Talk about what you are doing and what you have done toward your goals
  • Share information about what you don’t know and what you are worried about
  • Politely expressing gratitude

Level 8

  • Exchange information based on current situation and objects
  • Explain one’s situation
  • Asking and responding to various situations and events
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Level 14, Level 15, Level 16, Level 17


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