Daily Conversation [Upper Intermediate Courses]


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Each level of the Daily Conversation [Upper Intermediate Courses] can be completed in 8 lessons (16 points).

  • Personal Lesson
    40 Mins / Lesson [2 points]
  • Group Lesson
    85 Mins / Lesson [2 points]

Level 14

  • Create a rhythm in human relations
  • To be able to give typical examples and explain the causes and reasons in an orderly manner

Level 15

  • Assert your own ideas clearly
  • Express opinions and impressions about what you have learned

Level 16

  • Deepen understanding of opinions that differ from others
  • Express one’s own feelings and hopes using expressions of assumption and inference

Level 17

  • Think and speak logically in Japanese
  • Draw conclusions and opinions based on facts and evidence, using specific examples

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Level 14, Level 14-17, Level 15, Level 16, Level 17


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