Makunouchi (60 points)

¥120,000 Incl. tax

To use your points you can choose from the following:

  • 30 private classes at 40 minutes each
  • 30 group classes at 85 minutes each
  • 60 specialized Japanese group classes at 55 minutes each*

Validity: 6 months after activation.

*May not be available at all times



The Makunouchi Bento is a popular type of Japanese lunch box where ingredients divided into quadrants, each of which contains different delicacies. Its name derives from a long history of being sold during intermission at Noh and Kabuki performances in the Edo era.

Courses available within the Makunouchi package

The courses can be delivered to you in form of:

20 hrs of Japanese one-on-one lessons

(30 times 40-minute private lessons)

42 hrs of Japanese group lessons

(30 times 85-minute group lessons)

55 hrs of Japanese group lessons

(60 times a 55-minute lesson, may not be available at all times)

Please confirm your preferred course and format of participation with our customer success member.

Read details on the content of the courses here.


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