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Quality Supervisor

Mizuki Ichihira
“Knowledge is to expand your own universe.”

By learning languages, you can also explore the cultures of the countries and discover a whole new world that you didn’t know before. As I continue to learn myself, I strive to become someone who can share knowledge with others.

Ever since I was a student, I have been deeply fascinated by diverse cultures. In college, I conducted research on British culture and literature. As I learned about other cultures, I realized how little I knew about my own country, Japan, where I have lived all my life. This realization became the catalyst for me to start coaching. Japanese language and culture are profound, and the more I learn, the more I rediscover their charm.

Now, as one of the coaches at We Languages, I provide personalized lessons for each individual in both private and group lessons. Moreover, at We Languages, we confidently deliver high-quality blog content. Sharing my knowledge and passion for Japan through lessons and blogs brings me great joy.

Come join us on this exciting journey of experiencing Japan through our engaging lessons and insightful blog posts.