Learn Japanese as it relates to you

Student-Centered Philosophy "Our Know-How is to Know Who"

Design your own Japanese course

"Metrix" was created based on the "student-centered philosophy" that we have focused on since our establishment in 1996. It is a system that empowers you to turn your life scenes and thoughts into Japanese. The language you create with "Metrix" will become your "core language." The centerpiece of our classes is not the textbook but you. This is the essence of our student-centered philosophy.

Meet a Coach that Best Fits You

The student is the player. Coaches are there to increases their players' performance

Personalized Japanese Coach

All of the We-coaches have completed PJC (Personalized Japanese Coach) training. They are student-centered who can design lessons that suit the students. Based on our slogan, "Our know-how is to know who," all the We-coach understand the importance of knowing their students thoroughly. In every lesson, we commit to producing "results for that student" to maximize their performance.

Original Language Learning Portal

A convenient and exciting platform to progress your personalized lessons

Personalized Language Management System

Through our unique student portal, "My Classroom," you can make lesson reservations, chose coaches, set up your focus interests in learning, and keep track of your progress. When booking a lesson, you can also send a message or request to the coach. During and after the lesson, the coach will record the lesson content and provide a summary of each lesson so that you can review it at any time later.

Online Nihongo Dojo

Three Dojo sessions per month exclusively for We members. Completely free of charge!

Dojo, a place to practice Japanese

Nihongo Dojo is a series of specialized lessons designed by our native Japanese-speaking instructors at We Languages to encourage students to learn more about interesting facts and myths of Japanese culture. Each week, Dojo instructors prepare a new topic for discussion and classroom activities. By participating in Dojo lessons, students will learn about the Japanese language and truly understand and appreciate Japanese culture from its origins. This dojo is also a great place to try out new materials and teaching methods.

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