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Master Your “JapaNEEDS”®

Unlock your full potential in Japanese language learning with our personalized “JapaNEEDS” approach at We Languages. We don’t offer a one-size-fits-all solution; we curate tailor-made learning plans to cater to your unique needs, objectives, and learning style. Whether you’re seeking to learn business Japanese for career advancement or studying the language for your travel interests, our high-end online Japanese language school can cater to your individual needs. Mastering “JapaNEEDS” signifies mastery over your language goals.

Discover Profound “JAPANese”

Delve into Japanese language and culture with our unique “JAPANese” approach. Collaborating with ‘Hiragana Times,’ we transcend mere language proficiency, providing keys to the heart of Japanese society. Our superior online program moves beyond typical language training to illuminate the nuances of Japanese customs and mindset. Leveraging over 12,000 topics and audio data from Hiragana Times, we unlock an unrivalled trove of Japanese language and cultural wealth for you.

Silent Preview: Enjoy a quiet visual tour of Hiragana Times. Dive in!

Online Japanese School with a Personal Concierge.

Let Our Concierge Save Your Time and Energy

Maximize your learning efficiency at We Languages, the high-end online Japanese language school where your personal language concierge awaits. We deviate from typical online language schools’ approach of random student-teacher pairings. Instead, we provide a sustainable match tailored to your needs, saving you from the lottery-like search for the right coach. Let our experienced concierges guide you through your Japanese language journey, handling the logistics so you can focus solely on your linguistic and cultural exploration.

Tailored Courses for Every Learner

Practical Online Japanese Courses

Embrace our practical Online Japanese Courses, structured to cater to a wide range of linguistic aspirations. At We Languages, our dynamic program is split into three major components: Daily Conversation, Business Conversation, and Test Preparation. This comprehensive categorization ensures an alignment with your unique language goals, offering a class perfectly tailored to your needs. Experience the High-end Online Japanese Language School difference with us.

Experience Quality with Our United Team of Coaches

Meet Our United Team of Certified We-Coaches

Our We-coaches are not merely enlisted on our platform. They’re handpicked, having undergone our specialized teacher training program. Trained extensively in our proprietary PJC (Personalized JapaNEEDS® Coach) techniques, these dedicated educators offer a student-centered approach. By tailoring each Japanese online lesson to your unique needs, we establish ourselves as a High-end Online Japanese Language School, offering a uniquely personal learning experience…. Read more

Revolutionary Online Japanese Learning Platform

The system constantly propels your progress

Our unique platform, “WeLife,” empowers you to tailor your Japanese learning experience. Book personal lessons with an apt coach to tailor your Japanese, enroll in group sessions, and maintain a comprehensive record of your Japanese learning journey. Coaches conduct lessons based on their individual blueprint and progress record, ensuring continuity even when switching around coaches. We strive to expedite your journey toward Japanese proficiency in the most efficient way possible.

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【日本語講師養成講座】世界照準の日本語教師養成講座 受付中!
Explore the September Dojo Sessions! [Free of Charge]
Ukiyo-e Talk Session

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