Master Your “JapaNEEDS”®

Unlock your full potential in Japanese language learning with our personalized “JapaNEEDS” approach at We Languages. We don’t offer a one-size-fits-all solution; we curate tailor-made learning plans to cater to your unique needs, objectives, and learning style.

We Concierge

We deviate from typical online language schools’ approach of random student-teacher pairings. Instead, we provide a sustainable match tailored to your needs, saving you from the lottery-like search for the right coach. 

We Coaches

We-coaches are not merely enlisted on our platform. They are trained and handpicked, having undergone our specialized PJC (Personalized JapaNEEDS® Coach)  training program.

Revolutionary Online Japanese Learning Platform

Our unique platform, “WeLife,” empowers you to tailor your Japanese learning experience. We strive to expedite your journey toward Japanese proficiency in the most efficient way possible.

Lead PJC


Being a native speaker does not necessarily qualify that person as a competent teacher of that language. Our coaches have extensive teaching and life experiences and are committed to developing their skills to offer the best in Japanese language education. 

Our Story

Founded in Shibuya, Tokyo, in 1996, We Languages is a premium online language school with deep roots. With over 10,000 students served, our vast experience uniquely positions us at the forefront of modern linguistic needs.

Diversity in perspectives enriches life.
Every language learned crafts a new you.

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