Master Your “JapaNEEDS”®

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Unlock your full potential in Japanese language learning with our personalized “JapaNEEDS” approach at We Online Japanese Language School. We don’t offer a one-size-fits-all solution; we curate tailor-made learning plans to cater to your unique needs, objectives, and learning style.

We Concierge

We counselor. Customer Success or concierge.

We deviate from typical online language schools’ approach of random student-teacher pairings. Instead, we provide a sustainable match tailored to your needs, saving you from the lottery-like search for the right coach. At We, you will be assigned a concierge to arrange your best coach and study plan. The concierge is considered just as important as the coach.

We Coaches

online japanese language school team coaches at We

We-coaches are not merely enlisted on our platform. They are trained and handpicked, having undergone our specialized PJC (Personalized JapaNEEDS® Coach)  training program. For a Japanese language program that values your time and money, choose We Japanese Language School. We offer an approach to ensure your learning journey is both efficient and rewarding.

Revolutionary Online Japanese Learning Platform

Experience personalized Japanese learning with “WeLife,” our innovative platform designed to fit your unique needs. At We Japanese Language School, we’re dedicated to accelerating your path to proficiency with 24/7, year-round access, ensuring a seamless and efficient learning experience.

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We Online Japanese Language School: Customized Learning Paths

Three Types of Lesson Styles

Private Lesson

One-on-One Attention
Simplified Booking, Tailored Experience. Personal Content for You.

Images of private lessons at the online Japanese language school We.

Group Lesson

Collaborative Learning
Steady Pace, No Reservation Hassles. Learn alongside Classmates.

Images from a group lesson at the online Japanese language school We.

We Fusion

Global Connection
Uniting Learners Worldwide for Diverse Cultural Exchanges: News, Cuisine, Nature, and Beyond.

Images of online Japanese school, shrines, sake, anime, etc., are lined up.

Specialized Content in Three Fields

Daily Conversation

Learn a new language and improve your social skills in a new society.

Image of We online Japanese language school. Daily conversation course. Image of a woman enjoying a conversation on the terrace of a cafe.

Business Conversation

Improve your business language sense in each country and culture.

Image of We online Japanese language school. Business conversation course. Two male businessmen are dialoguing by the window of his office. Tokyo Tower can be seen from the window

Test Preparation

Test your language proficiency in a variety of languages with confidence.

An image showing a test preparation course offered by We, an online Japanese language school. Image of people taking an exam.

Lead Coach

Photo of the lead coach of the online Japanese language school We. The image of a woman in her 40s standing dignified as the image of a professional Japanese language coach.


Excellence in Japanese Language Coaching

At We Japanese Language School, we blend the expertise of professional Japanese language coaches with our innovative PJC (Personalized JapaNEEDS® Coach) method. Our coaches are more than just native speakers; they are carefully selected experts with a deep understanding of Japanese grammar, linguistic nuances, and the cultural and historical context of the language. Each coach brings a wealth of life and teaching experiences, constantly refining their skills to provide top-tier education.

Embark on Your We Language School Journey

Kickstart with Our One-Month Pilot Course

Design your tailored one-month pilot course at We Language School, featuring four personalized lessons plus an exclusive We Fusion Session. Explore and learn with us!

After your payment, the We Concierge team will guide you to your portal and arrange your lessons.

Online Open Campus

We Online Open Campus. Several people's faces are shown on the computer screen.

Language Learning with a Global Outlook

Dive into the world through language with We Languages’ expert-led courses.

Five Vibrant Categories:
History, Food & Drink, Sights & Nature, Arts & Culture, and Economy & Business.

The We Languages Legacy

Our Story

Link icon images of We's history and company profile. The city of Shibuya, the birthplace of We School, is reflected in the earth drifting in space.

Established in 1996 in Shibuya, Tokyo, We Languages stands as a distinguished online Japanese language school. With a history of serving over 10,000 students, our extensive experience places us at the cutting edge of evolving linguistic demands. Our commitment to quality and innovation has made us a leader in the field, providing exceptional language education that bridges cultures and fosters global understanding.

Diversity in perspectives enriches life.
Every language learned crafts a new you.

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