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Valentinë Baliu
Don’t just be an astronaut, become an astronaut that is also learning Japanese!

Regardless of your profession or general interests, we have tailored our offerings at We Languages to cater to your specific needs. Our personalized courses are designed with your interests and daily routine in mind.

As a physics graduate, besides science I have a diverse range of interests, making me a somewhat jack of all trades. While my passion for science remains unwavering, I am equally captivated by the world of languages, with Japanese holding a special place in my heart.

As a fellow Japanese learner, I understand the importance of fostering an environment that supports language enthusiasts like ourselves. That’s why I strive to incorporate my passion for Japanese into my writing, in order to connect with fellow learners on a deeper level.

I firmly believe that truly mastering a language goes beyond grammar and vocabulary; it requires immersing oneself in the culture. This belief is what drives me to be a part of We Language School, where we encourage students to explore the rich Japanese culture alongside language learning.

In my articles, I thoroughly enjoy drawing from my personal experiences, particularly when it comes to finding joy in the exploration of diverse cultures and the art of comparing and contrasting. As an Albanian, one of the first disparities I noticed between Japan and Kosovo was in the realm of cuisine. This inspired me to write an article in collaboration with Hiragana Times Magazine delving into the intriguing comparison between Japanese bread and its Kosovo counterparts, highlighting the unique culinary aspects of both cultures. You can find the article in the Hiragana Times Magazine June 2021 issue.

Immerse yourself in the world of authentic and current topics through our articles, carefully crafted to reflect the essence of our Japanese language courses. Don’t miss out on these captivating reads that provide a glimpse into our language school’s core values.