Learning Japanese at We Languages


At We Languages we use a point-system to let you arrange your classes by yourself and be in control of your own pace when learning. Purchasing a package will get points added to your account We Life account. “We Life” is our Educational Management System, it allows you to arrange your classes and see what is coming up, what needs to be reviewed and allows you to stay in touch with your personal Japanese coach.

One-on-one Lessons

At We languages, we offer one-on-one lessons with our fantastic coaches with classes in which you will learn exactly what you want to learn. This style of the lesson uses our patented “Metrix” in which your interests, hobbies and objectives are used to arrange lesson material that meets your needs.

One class lasts approximately 40 minutes and consumes 2 points per lesson

Group Lessons

Besides one-on-one lessons, we also offer you a group environment to practice your Japanese in. These classes last longer and have the benefit of being able to practice your listening more and socializing in English and Japanese. These classes are split by level of Japanese and your goals.

You have the choice between two variables when arranging group classes:

Duration of the class: 55 minutes or 85 minutes
Frequency of the class: Once per week or twice per week

A 55 minute class consumes 1 point per lesson and a 80 minute class consumes 2 points per lesson


Hino Maru – 24 points

“Hinomaru Bento” – literally, “circle of the sun”, Hinomaru refers to the Japanese flag and symbol of Japan. Like the flag, this meal is elegant in its simplicity

8 hours of Japanese 1-on-1 lessons


17 hours of Japanese group lessons

Ekiben – 30 points

“Ekiben” – a combination of eki (train station) and bento, these high-quality lunch boxes are sold at major train stations of your destination. Some stations becoming nationally recognized for the quality of their bento boxes.

17 hours of Japanese group lessons


3 hours of Japanese 1-on-1 lessons

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