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Courses available within the packages

Personalized Course

You will learn a language strongly related to yourself.
Just as we all have different nationalities, languages, goals, motivations, values, occupations, and lifestyles, lesson plans should also devise to meet each individual’s specific needs. At We Japanese Language School, our Japanese coaches work closely with learners to determine their individual goals and design a tailor-made lesson plan.

Daily Communication Course

The Daily Communication Course is exactly what you need to get comfortable with life in Japan and be able to get more integrated into daily life and help you to build new connections. It also will bring you to a new level of fluency when you can understand and use idioms and sophisticated expressions and have complex discussions with natives.
Our original “WWW Method” ensures that you feel your progress after every lesson.
We believe that language barrier shouldn’t stop you from enjoying life in Japan so we will help you to overcome it!

Available for levels:

  • Intermediate
  • Upper-intermediate
  • Advanced

Business Communication Course

Our Business Conversation Course is designed for real-life scenarios and guarantees the delivery of results through the “WWW Method”. You will be able to learn expressions that are required in business meetings and presentations, and also master practical skills, including Email writing, business negotiations and business etiquette.
Leading foreign and Japanese companies choose us as a service provider for their language training programs.
This course will make you more comfortable conducting daily tasks and smoothen your communication with Japanese colleagues and partners.
Let Japanese language progress your career!

Available for levels:

  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

JLPT Preparation Course

Measuring your Japanese studying progress or getting proof of your language skill fluency for studying or career change, Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) have always been the main milestone for almost every learner on their Japanese learning journey.
Our native Japanese language coaches will make you comfortable with grammar explaining it to you in English, you will practice it along with the new vocabulary on examples based on your experience and interests.
Preparation classes are available at all levels of the JLPT regardless of whether you have just started learning Japanese or contemplating changing jobs in Japan.

Available for levels:

  • All JLPT levels (N5, N4, N3, N2, N1)

Types of Japanese Lessons

At We Languages we use a point-system to let you arrange your classes by yourself and be in control of your own pace when learning. Purchasing a package will get points added to your We Life account. “We Life” is our Educational Management System, it allows you to arrange your classes and see what is coming up, what needs to be reviewed and allows you to stay in touch with your personal Japanese coach.

Private Lessons

At We languages, we offer private lessons with our fantastic coaches with classes in which you will learn exactly what you want to learn. This style of the lesson uses our patented “Metrix” in which your interests, hobbies and objectives are used to arrange lesson material that meets your needs. Private lessons are the most intensive ones and make you focus on learning during the whole lesson duration.

One class lasts approximately 40 minutes and consumes 2 points per lesson

Group Lessons

Besides one-on-one lessons, we also offer you a group environment to practice your Japanese in with the classmates who share similar goals. These classes last longer and have the benefit of being able to practice your listening more and socializing in English and Japanese.

You have the choice between two variables when arranging group classes:

Duration of the class: 55 minutes* or 85 minutes
Frequency of the class: Once per week or twice per week

A 55 minute class consumes 1 point per lesson and a 80 minute class consumes 2 points per lesson

*The 55-minute group classes are usually specialized classes dedicated to particular cultural topic and are not given at all times. These can include classes with a focus on the Japanese Tea ceremony for example.

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