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Unveil Premium Collaborative Japanese Learning

Experience the pinnacle of personalized Japanese learning with our “Duo” course. Designed for pairs – be it friends, colleagues, or loved ones – our Duo course allows for a synergistic study approach. Immerse in a semi-private session tailored to your combined needs, intensifying both your learning journey and interpersonal bond.

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Duo Course – “United Course – Strength in Unity”

Welcome to the United Course, where collective learning translates into personal growth. Ideal for small corporate teams or personal study groups, our United Course encourages interactive and cooperative learning. Experience the luxury of a custom-made group study plan that seamlessly blends the varying learning needs of each participant, providing a balanced, comprehensive study environment. Let’s discover the strength in unity in your Japanese language journey.

Tailor-made Group Lesson

Our counselors will arrange the best coach and lesson content for you and your team.

<Regular Program>

  • Daily Conversation < Beginner/ Upper-beginner/ Intermediate/ Upper-intermediate/ Advanced >
  • Business conversation < Intermediate/ Upper-intermediate/ Advanced >
  • Test preparation < N5/ N4/ N3/ N2/ N1 >
  • Thematic sessions < Stylish Japanese Dishes, Anime Discovery, Sake Tasting, etc. >
  • Nihongo Dojo thematic sessions (Attendance at Dojo sessions is also possible. Some sessions are free. Please feel free to attend.)

How does it work?

Now, choose your plan and start your Nihongo journey today!

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